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Success Center

In the past, students who would qualify to be placed in the Student Success Center would have been suspended. Instead, they have the opportunity for intensive support services through the Success Center - keeping them in school and on track to graduate!

Two East Central graduates stand together and smile at graduation in 2018.

What is the objective of our Success Center?

The objective of the program is not to place a bandaid on the issue, but to change the mindset of all the students going through it on an individual level. Students are given many tools to place into their tool belt that will help guide them in making decisions that will lead to positive outcomes throughout their lives.  

1st year statistics state an 86% decrease in suspensions and a 27% growth in graduation.

What is a Success Center?

Our Success Center is a collaboration between the school, students, and parents. Our parents and school form a partnership to create the best chance of achieving success for their student.

High expectations are placed on three main areas:
  • Academic
  • Behavioral
  • Social


"I feel like being in the Success Center is better than being suspended. They're all about helping you succeed." 
Brissa Nalleyquintana, ECHS student