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Dress Code

All clothing items must be school appropriate and are at Administrative Discretion

In accordance with TPS district policy, all students attending school must follow the building dress code policy. Students are highly encouraged and welcome to wear school spirit attire daily. At East Central, students may wear:


  • Shirts - School appropriate collared (polo, oxford, button-down) or non-collared shirts in black, navy, white, gray, or red. 
  • Appropriate Pants - Black, khaki, jeans, skirts, or shorts.
  • School appropriate hoodies.
  • Students may wear hoodies in the building as long as the hood is down in the back and never worn on the head while in the hallways and or during passing period. For school safety and security we must be able to clearly identify students on camera. Students who wear hoods in the building may be approached as an intruder on campus until able to be clearly identified. 

Student IDs:

  • Students are to have their ID with them at all times on campus (physically or virtually)
  • Students who do not have their IDs with them will need to obtain a temporary ID from the TRAICE room – 
  •  Replacement IDs are $2 and can be purchased in the TRAICE room.
  • Students may not carry another student’s ID.

Prohibited Apparel (All prohibited apparel has a zero tolerance policy)

  • Any clothing with graphics or logos that are not school appropriate
  • Any accessories or items with drug/alcohol references, gang insignia, references to weapons/violence, etc. This includes belts with bullet casings as décor.
  • Chain wallets or Chain watches
  • Spaghetti strap tank tops, bandeau top, tube tops, sports bras, sleeveless undershirts
  • Sagging pants

Dress Code Interventions

Students who are not in compliance with the above policies:

  • Correctable Dress Code Violation – Students will be given the opportunity to correct their dress code violation immediately, students will be given support to make necessary adjustments to their dress.  Accumulation of refusal to correct these violations can result in disciplinary interventions. 
  • Non-Correctable Dress Code Violation – When a student is not able to immediately correct their dress code, an administrator will document the dress code violation. The student will report to the TRAICE room until the student can correct the dress code issue (by calling someone to bring them appropriate attire ).   Students in TRAICE for dress code are expected to follow all TRAICE room regulations and procedures.
  • For ongoing non-compliance in regard to dress code, students will receive behavioral support as outlined in our building policy.