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Drop Off / Pick Up

Pickup Procedures

  • Parents who check out a student must check in with the main office to sign an early release document and provide valid photo identification. 
  • Only a parent or legal guardian may designate another adult (over the age of 18) to pick up a student early from school. Such authorization must be presented in writing and entered into the District’s emergency contact database. Persons authorized by the parent or legal guardian for early pickup must be able to produce a valid, unexpired, photo identification card.

No Early Release Policy

No Early Release Policy

Parents, please do not request early dismissals for your child after 3:05 p.m. If your child has a scheduled appointment (doctors, dentist, orthodontist,  etc.) please show documentation for the release. Thank you for your help with the education of your child. 

Politica de no Salida Temprana

Padres, por favor eviten que sus hijos falten a la ultima clase, no los recoja despues de las 2:10 p.m. Si su hijo/a tien una cita (doctor, dentista, ortodoncista, etc.) Durante este horario por favor muestre el documento correspondiente para justificar su salida temprano. Gracias por su ayuda con la educacion de su hijo(a).

Drop Off Procedures

When dropping students off or picking students up, cars should enter the main parking lot from 11th Street and drop off at the main entrance doors following the two designated lanes. Cars should exit the west side onto S 120th E Ave.

Student Check In/Out Procedures

Students will only be checked out with written parental notification or calling the attendance desk at 918-833-9603.  Parents must notify the school prior to students being checked out or personally come in to the front attendance desk to check a student out. 

If it is necessary to leave school for any reason, a permit must be obtained, signed by the parent, doctor and/or dentist and returned when the student returns to school. Students arriving late to school must check in at the front attendance desk.



Visitor Parking

Enter the parking lot on the west side of the building from 11th Street and park in the large parking lot. The east parking area off 11th Street is designated for staff only.

Student parking

Students must obtain a student parking permit from the main office for $2. Student parking is in the east parking lot by the stadium/field house. Parking permits must be visible in the front window at all times. Students who go to Tech must obtain a tech/student parking permit in the main office for $2 and may park in the designated area in the west parking lot off 11th Street. Parking permits must be visible in the front window at all times.

Contact Us

East Central High School
12150 E. 11th St. 
Tulsa, OK 74128

Early Pick up procedures

  • Only persons listed in the student file may pick up students
  • All persons entering the building must have a photo ID and report to the attendance office to check the student out.