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Become active with east central!

East Central High School holds several events throughout the year:

A large group of students sit in a microsoft store and listen to an employee.
  • Cardinal Connection Nights (monthly)
  • Back to School Night 
  • Freshman Academy Orientation
  • Conferences

We are always working on increasing the involvement of our parents and upcoming events for this year will be on our calendar.  

Parental involvement is a combination of commitment and active participation on the part of parent to the school and to the student. As parents you can ensure that your child receives the benefits from parental involvement by staying up to date on what is happening in the classroom.

Tulsa Public Schools is committed to helping your child develop the academic knowledge and critical thinking he or she needs to succeed in school and beyond. As a result, these involvement opportunities empower parents to take action. By connecting parents to school officials, community members, other parents, knowledge, and powerful allies, these opportunities build bridges and networks that support schools and sustain whole communities.


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Tulsa Public Schools shall promote parent involvement in all schools and work as equal partners  with parentsin providing quality learning experiences for every student, everyday, without exception.

The Board believes and acknowledges that parent involvement raises the academic achievement level of students. Additionally, parents become empowered, teacher morale improves, and communities grow stronger when parents take an active role in educating their children. Schools shall involve parents in the education of their children at all grades levels.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide coordination; technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist all schools in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance. Section 1118 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Title I, Part A, parent involvement, establishes that to build capacity for parent involvement within schools, a district is to "develop jointly with, agree on with, and distribute to parents of participating children a written parent involvement policy.

The administration, faculty and staff of East Central High School believe that parental involvement is an essential factor in the educational success of our students. In compliance with Title 1, Part A of the No Child Left behind Act 2001, East Central High School sets forth the parental involvement policy to be kept on file in the ECHS main office and the family and community center.

Building Parents Capacity for Involvement

The Board believes that empowering parentsto insist on improvement and giving schools extraincentive to do so and by giving parents options regarding their children's education helps the district to realize its vision to become the “Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment to all" for patrons of the community.  As a result of this belief, the board shall create an environment of supportive and collaborative parent involvement.

1. Program Information for Parents: 

East Central High School shall provide assistance to parents of all children in understanding such topics as the state's academic content, achievement standards, the assessments being used, the requirements of Title 1, Part A, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, and how to monitor their children's progress and work with educators to improve their achievement through Power School and Parent Teacherconferences.

2. Materials and Training: 

East Central High School shall provide materials and training, such as literacy training and training on how to use technology, to help parents work with their children toimprove achievement through the parent resource room and workshops.

3. Educate Educators: 

East Central High School shall educate teachers, pupilservices personnel, principals, other staff, with the assistance ofparents, In the value and utility of contributions of parents, in how to reach out to, communicate with, work with parents as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs, build ties between parents and the school.

4. Understandable Communication:

East Central High School is committed to keeping parents informed of its activities, newsletters; School Connects telephone messaging system, school website, marquee, School/way and public informational sources are used to inform parents of our school meetings along with other important information. We at East Central High will provide this all information in a uniform format in a language that parentscanunderstand. East Central High School provides on-site Spanish interpreters on a daily basis.

5. Other Requested Activities: 

East Central High School shall provide such other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request.

6. School community will demonstrate exceptional parent/guardianinvolvement and support through 100% membership in its respective parent/guardian association, the district will triple its Partners-in-Education agreements with community, businesses, institutions, organizations and agencies
· Back To School Night\ College & Career Fair
· Parent-Teacher Conferences
· After school tutoring & Enrichment
· Education Talent Search
· Booster Clubs & Alumni Association
· East Central High Website
· PBIS\ Social Worker
· Freshmen Orientation
· School Way & SchoolConnect
· Annual Title 1 Meeting
· Instrumental & Vocal Music Performances
· Cardinal Football & Big Red Sound Marching Band Parent Meetings
· Cardinal Boys & Girls Basketball Parent Meetings
· Volunteers as Testing Monitors & Chaperones (upon background approval)
· Parent Involvement Facilitator
· Cardinal Clubs\ Recycling, Yoga, Research, "Hot Off The Press", Drama, Politics, Knitting, Crochet, Freshman Class, Future Educators of America, Academic Club, Creative Writing, Business Professionals of America, Gaming, Chromebook Support Club, Music Club (band board, solo, ensemble}, Calculus Club, Asian American Club, Podcast Club, Community Service, Math ACT & SAT Prep, Sabor  lnternacionale, Pep Club, Creative Writing, Student Council, Cardinal Café
· Cardinal Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track & Field and Tennis Parent Meetings

East Central High School will hold a Title 1 meeting at the beginning of each school year to inform parents of their rights under Title 1.


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Patricia Anderson
Parent Facilitator