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Our team has structured an environment that challenges each individual student to reach their full capacity as a young adult. Our primary focus falls into three areas: 

  • high expectations for growth in academics 
  • behavior
  • developing social skills in regard to proper communication.

All who receive a diploma from ECHS are college and career ready. Go Cards!

An East Central graduate goes to the stage for her diploma and smiles.


I believe in East Central High School as an institution of higher learning, a storehouse of knowledge, a stepping stone for higher education, a place of fellowship school pride, and tradition. Realizing the bonds between my school and country, I therefore believe it is my duty to uphold their principles to thoroughly utilize my talents, physically and mentally, in a manner exemplary  of good citizen.

alma mater

Our hearts and minds united as Cardinal we shall stand, with honor and devotion we'll lead across the land. Before us Raise the Red and White for Strength and courage to defend our cherished pride and loyalty, our future to the end.


You control your own outcomes!

They’re more about making sure you succeed and they teach you that you don’t have to have money to succeed.

-Brissa Nalleyquintana, ECHS student