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Test Taking Tips
  • Test Taking Tips

    Students can prepare for state assessments by doing the following:

    ·         Attend school every day

    ·         Take responsibility for classwork, homework, and class study

    ·         Be aware of test dates and schedule appointments on non-testing dates

    ·         Review practice materials ahead of time

    ·         Get a good night’s sleep the night before an assessment

    ·         Eat a healthy breakfast

    ·         Arrive to school on time

    ·         Doing their best work

Testing Information
  • Testing Information

    District-ACT Aspire Assessment

    All 2nd year high school students will be taking the Aspire Assessment during the week of November 9th. The Aspire is a state approved alternative EOI assessment Biology I, Algebra I, English II, Algebra II, and Geometry. The assessment consists of 5 parts: English, reading, writing, math and science. To prevent testing fatigue, we will be administering the language arts tests on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday, 2nd year high school students will take the math and science portion of the test.


    District--SRI Assessment

    Freshman and sophomores participate in Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) assessment. These assessments help us identify our students’ strengths and needs in the area of reading. We use the results to provide purposeful interventions and instruction. These assessments are given three times a year which allows us to monitor our students’ progress throughout the year. The next SRI window will run from Jan 25th through the Feb 5th. The spring SRI window is May 2nd through May 17th.


    Other Important Tests

    College Board AP Assessment

    Students who are enrolled in an AP course may choose to take the AP exam. The AP exam measures student mastery of the coursework. Some colleges award college credit for successfully passing the AP exam. Fees do apply. The assessment window is May 2nd through 13th.


    ACT/SAT Assessment

    Students planning on attending college should check with the college institution of their choice to determine which test to take and the score that must be obtained for college admittance. For assessment locations, dates and registration go to the test’s website and follow site instructions. The ACT website is and the SAT website is Fees do apply. Some students may qualify for a fee waiver. To determine if your student qualifies, please contact your student’s academic counselor.


    If you have concerns or questions about these assessments, please contact Lora Reynolds, Assessment Coordinator, or Rachel Nicholas, Assistant Principal at (918) 746-9700.

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