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Uniform Policy
Uniform Policy 2012-2013
Freshman Academy students as well as all students can wear the following:

Polo Shirt (red, black, gray or white)
1. A polo shirt is defined as a shirt with 2 or 3 buttons with a collar.
2. Undershirts will be allowed ONLY if they are red, black, gray or white. (No stripes or Logos)
3. Undershirts must be shorter than the uniform shirt
4. Shirts must be hemmed and an appropriate length.
5. Shirts containing ANY writing may not be worn (except for approved East Central High School shirts).
6. Students may wear approved East Central High School t-shirts as an optional choice.
7.  Fridays students can wear an ECHS spirit shirt with their required pants, skirts, etc.  NO JEANS.

Pants (Khaki or black slacks/shorts/skirts/skorts/capris)
1. Pants, shorts, skorts, capris, and skirts must be made of cotton or a high percentage of cotton.
2. Pants, shorts, skorts, capris, and skirts must be properly fitted (not oversized, should be no larger than one size up). Waistbands are to be fitted to the waist, as they will not be allowed to sag.
3. Denim (jean material, no stitching around the pocket), fringed hem, stretch or wind-pants are not acceptable for uniforms. (No stripes or Logos allowed) Pants must be hemmed.
4. Pants must not flare at the bottoms to an unsafe width.

Belt/Hair Ribbons/Socks
1. Belts must be brown or black, no designed buckle, must always be shown. Belts must be worn with pants/shorts with belt loops.
2. Hair ribbons and socks must follow the school dress colors, (red, black, or white)

 Jacket (Grey, Red, White or Black)
1. No sweatshirts/jackets in classrooms. They must be placed in lockers during the school day. The exception to this policy is that students may wear approved East Central High School hooded sweatshirts within the building.
2. No logos (with the exception of approved East Central High School logos)

General Provisions
1. Uniforms will conform to TPS Dress Code requirements.
2. Principals must approve uniforms for student organizations or activities worn at school on a case-by-case basis

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