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General Suggestions For Works Cited Pages & Bibliographies
  1. The bibliography should be on a separate page and should be the last page of your research paper.
  2. At the top of the bibliographic page, centered, write the word, Bibliography or Works Cited. (a works cited page lists only the sources you quoted in your paper. A bibliography lists all the sources you consulted during your research whether you quoted them or not.)
  3. Arrange bibliographic entries in alphabetical order by the first word of the entry, disregarding the words, A, An, or The.
  4. Single space entries but leave a double space between entries.
  5. Indent all lines in the entry except the first line.
  6. Collect bibliographic information for books from the front and back of the title page, not from the cover of the book.
  7. If more than one place is listed as place of publication, use the first one.
  8. Use the publisher's name as shown on the title page.
  9. If more than one copyright date is given, use the most recent.   Do not use dates listed as printing dates.

Last Modified:  08/10/2008
TPS is not responsible for the accuracy of information hosted by outside web pages and web sites.  The district is not responsible for changes in the content of the sources to which we link nor for the content of sources accessed through secondary links.  It is impossible to guarantee that data on the Internet is accurate, therefore, when evaluating Internet sites use the guidelines found here.

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